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Call for entries

Call for entries


Paint it simply

Corruption and Development

Corruption is one of the major hurdles to socio-economic development worldwide. Corruption imposes huge burdens on society and on the natural world. Private interests are prioritized to the detriment of the public at large, because corruption diverts financial resources intended for socio-economic development. Poverty and social inequalities are growing due to the distortion of income distribution, and because of spending decisions that are very much influenced by corrupt practices.

Corruption has many faces and dimensions: bribery, embezzlement, the illegal financing of political parties, tax evasion, as well as many other examples.

However, one of the most devastating problems we face as a society is the tolerance we have developed for corruption. This tolerance manifests itself in the upending of values, revealed through clichés like: “honesty is for suckers” and “good liars are smart, only stupid people get caught”. Voters often choose politicians with the thinking: “It’s better to vote for the thief you know than the one who wants to become one” or “He robbed us, but he also did lots of good” or “We prefer to vote for the lesser evil”.

We are therefore seeking YOU and YOUR satirical and critical insights about corruption, which use humor to increase our awareness of corruption, and educate society about its harmful effects.

  • Show us where you have already encountered corruption in your everyday life.
  • What negative impact does corruption have on the world?
  • What does the fight against corruption look like nowadays?

We are looking for cartoons that also draw attention to the fact that the fight against corruption has a lot to do with SDG 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”. We seek cartoons that explain SDG 16 in the context of other SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals), and to pass on awareness of these goals to future generations.

Competition Start Date: January 15, 2021

Deadline for Submissions: June 30, 2021

Give us your view of the world and its inherent corruption.

Just explain it – briefly and simply – through cartoons and caricatures.